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    For all additional information, during 24h, the following telephone numbers are available to our users:

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    Historical development

    Since ancient times the local residents of Lepetane and Kamenari have, by boats, crossed from one to another shore. Just, it is a matter of the shortest natural connection between two shores inside Boka Kotorska bay. The construction of smaller ferries started in the year of 1898, by which, together with people, also coaches were being transported. For that year is also connected the construction of the first piers on the both side of the coast. The founders of this sort of transportation were the inhabitants of Kamenari, Spiro Milosevic and Spiro Sekulovic.
    The original ferries (local name "Catare") consisted of two boats that were being connected by the platform of wooden planks.
    Ferry – two boats connected by plank platforms Ferry – two boats connected by plank platforms

    The initiative of the founder has been continued and kept by local residents Miho and Eneriko Aranzulo who had two motor powered boats of type ,,leut’’ by which they carried out transportation of passengers and road vehicles between two World wars.
    Skela na motornim leutima braće Aranzulo u Kamenarima 1920.godina Skela na motornim leutima braće Aranzulo u Kamenarima 1920.godina ...

    After the Second World war, the Public utility company Herceg Novi concluded lease agreement with the family Aranzulo regarding the rent of their three leuts, and Aranzulo, with his crew, went over into working relation inPublic utility company Herceg Novi and in this manner the ferryboat service on the line Kamenari – Lepetane was united.
    Public utility company Herceg Novi, during that period, maintained local ship lines and bus traffic on the territory of the Municipality, and within the frame of it, as the special working unit, the "Pomorski saobracaj" has existed.
    Working unit "Pomorski saobracaj" consisted of two ships of small coast navigation, ,,Milocer’’ and ,,Mamula’’, which in June 1962 were taken over from ex enterprise »Brodarstvo« from Herceg Novi, afterwards two motor ships of local navigation ,,Durmitorac’’ and ,,Rose’’ and three leuts for transportation of road vehicles
    By construction of Adriatic highway in 1966 and by improvement of local traffic, the increasing of capacities and improvement of ferryboat transportation of vehicles and passengers, was imposed as necessary, because the road around the bay had not been reconstructed yet, what had meant that all transitional traffic were performed through ferryboats. So, for two existed leuts, one bigger additional platform was constructed in Shipyard Bijela, which could receive more excursion buses and cargo vehicles.
    STrajekt sa platformom izrađenom u Brodogradilištu Bijela, montirane na leutima 1966. godine ...

    In year 1967, the Yugoslav Navy cedes one ship to the Public utility company Herceg Novi, on which the necessary and smaller repairs, in order to be adapted for the needs of ferryboat transport of vehicles and passengers, were carried out at the Overhaul facility in Tivat. It is a matter of the ship under the name ,,Kamenari’’. That was at the same time the first significant modernisation of ferryboat services in the straits of Verige.
    Ferryboat „Kamenari“ in straits of Verige – in 1966. Ferryboat „Kamenari“ in straits of Verige – in 1966.

    After the ferryboat "Kamenari", with a view to further modernisation, two more military ships were redeemed from the Yugoslav Navy. It is a matter of the ferryboats "Lepetane" and "Perast", that were adapted for the needs of ferryboat transportation of vehicles and passengers at the shipyard "Inkobrod" in Korcula. In year 1981, by the order, it was built one more, more significantly bigger ferryboat under the name "Igalo".
    Ferryboats of the Public utility company Herceg-Novi, OOUR
    Pursuant to the Law on associated labour in year 1977, in Public utility working organisation Herceg Novi, four Basic organisations of associated labour (BOAL) were founded, and one of them was BOAL "Pomorski saobracaj".
    The Council of workers of BOAL "Pomorski saobracaj", on the 1st of January 1990, stands out from the Public utility working organisation Herceg Novi and establishes the new Enterprise for maritime traffic with registered office in Kamenari.
    Since 1995, the enterprise "Pomorski saobracaj" has operated as the Stock company. In further development, the significant financial means have been invested into new ferryboats, as well as in arrangement and adaptation of approaching roads, quays and shores. In year 2009, at the shipyard ,,Izola’’ in Slovenia, the new and the fifth ferryboat was built, which bears the name ,,Grbalj’’. ,,Grbalj’’ is, at the same time, the biggest of all ferryboats of SC "Pomorski saobracaj". In year 2011, at the shipyard ,,Tehnomont’’ in Pula, the sixth ferryboat was built, the second by size in the Fleet, which bears name ,,Teodo’’.
    Ferryboat „Grbalj Ferryboat „Grbalj
    Ferryboat „Teodo“ Ferryboat „Teodo“

    Joining of the ferryboat «Teodo» to the existing Fleet, for further business operation, means the increasing of existing capacities and additional improvement of the quality of service of ferryboat transportation of vehicles, passengers and cargos during the whole year, and especially during the summer in so called ,,peak’’ of tourist season. By purchasing of the ferryboat «Teodo», the SC »Maritime traffic», for the first time, since its existing, possesses average and overhaul reserves in capacity, what significantly contributes to the reliability of rendering of services of transportation of vehicle and passengers.